5 Things To Consider Before Booking a Photographer


You are having one of the best days of your life — you’ve woken up on a beautiful beach house, had a cup of coffee with the one you love, and had a great day. But as time passed by, all that’s left were the happy memories you reminisce.

What if we tell you that you could store those moments on longer-lasting memories? How could you do that? One way is to learn photography. From basic to complex rules and guidelines which takes time and practice.

But what if we tell you that you could remove the time and practice that you needed but still capture the moments in memories that would last for a lifetime? How? By hiring photographers who had already done the necessary time and practice that “you” would’ve spent.

You may ask before booking, “How would we know which photographer to choose?”



Photography is slowly gaining much better attention than in previous years. As such, more and more people start their interest in photography. This results in many aspiring photographers, even in just your locality. Here are some questions you need to consider while doing your research before booking a photographer available in your area:

Who are the photographers willing to take clients?

Though there are many aspiring photographers, there are only a few who would and could accept clients due to (1) experience, (2) interests, and (3) equipment. Among these three, the experience might play the most crucial part whether they will accept clients or not.

What is the standard photography fee in your area?

Some places take photography seriously and people could actually make a living out of photography. In these places, you could find photography fees a little bit higher than in areas where photography is still being introduced as a “real job” rather than just a “mere hobby.”

Where are they located?

They may be near or far from your place. This could add a little amount of fee for the expenses of the photographer’s transportation. But as much as possible, choose the photographers who are within the range of your area, but do not just settle on the ones who are “just near you.”


These photographers might’ve had their previous clients’ results posted on their Facebook page, or Instagram. As a responsible client, you could take your time examining their work and try to see how they progressed from start until their last clients. But in some cases, the photographer that you choose might still just be starting their work. In this case, you could ask them a sample of their best work for you to examine. Asking them their portfolio is a good sign as a client. This just means that you are really interested in hiring a photographer.


Once you have taken the lists of (1) photographers in need of a client, (2) the actual photography rate in your area, and (3) the nearest or most accessible photographer in your area, you can now choose which among these aspiring photographers you must hire for your next big day (weddings, vacations, or any occasions). You must remember that your chosen photographer is carefully selected by you yourself.


Even though you already have selected the photographer that you would hire, in some cases, you might see a particular work or output of them which makes you wonder “is this really a professional photographer?” This question can be answered in time. As you continually get to know them, this might be the time that you start appreciating their type of work and understand how they do their photography. You may not totally understand or appreciate their photos, but as you see them work, you’ll soon understand the beauty of photography.


Good communication is the blood of all relationships. Therefore, you need to have good communication with your chosen photographer. They might be happy to know that someone takes interest in their work and wants to hire them. Maybe you already have their background checked, but you could start a conversation by asking “What services do you offer?” or “Where are you located?” This could start a relationship between client and photographer that could go a long way.

You could apply all of these suggestions before booking. But in the end, your decision must not be based on what others tell you. Besides yourself, who could really give the needed effort and time in “capturing every moment” of your best days? That is for you to decide who.

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