Why Photographers So Expensive


We just need a few shots and they just spend pushing a button all day! Why Photographers so Expensive? It’s easy to take some photos on my smartphone and run them through an app and it’s done.

Really? Maybe this is your first time and never hired a professional photographer before and this is your first time doing so.

 In this article, we will show you a few reasons why photographers so expensive?


If you think they just pushing the button all the time and you may only see the photographer for an hour. You are Wrong! Think of it, if you hire a mechanic, or going to a barbershop it’s easy for you to justify those expenses because you can see how they work, and easy to pay them.

Photographers also spend a lot of time on planning, negotiation, setup the equipment before the actual shoot. How about the traveling time to reach your location. They spend a lot of time editing and choose the best photographs. Imagine the hour to load the photos online, transferring and backing up your photos, reviewing and delivering the photos.

Lastly, They spend a lot of time or maybe days for post-processing depending on how many photographs need to process. Also, it takes a lot of time and skill.


They spend thousands a lot of thousands to buy professional equipment such as camera bodies, lenses, tripods, flash, light stands, backdrops, reflectors, and some props.

In the Philippines, Brand new cameras cost at least P30,000 like Nikon D5600. In case of emergencies, most of the photographers have a second camera. They keep their equipment up to date because like any technology they become outdated quickly. For example, the latest camera for Sony is Sony Alpha A1 costs $6500. They want to use the best technology available and match their client’s tastes.

Not only this, Most of the Photographers need to buy professional, premium licenses for software to editing photos. Photographers are not using PicsArt or putting an Instagram filter on your photos to looks good. You may read this article: Why You Should Never Edit The Photos You Received.

Photographers upgraded their computer equipment to used software such as photoshop and lightroom. Photographers need to buy external hard drives, different online storage for backup.


Some photographers need to pay for the maintenance, hosting of the website. Some of them need to rent space for office or studio. How about the electricity and internet bills.

Maybe you can get cheap photos into a chain studio or any local store, But here’s the thing according to PIXSY “Those cheap studios don’t hire a professional photographer they hire people with sales experience.”

Most photographers need assistant, they have a small team to work with. They pay them for their work from their own income


Like I said in my previous article, When you hire a photographer, you hire an artist. Because photographers have unique styles and creativity. They have the experience to advise you what you need. They know how to captures your very best moment. They invested a lot of money to learn how to take and capture beautiful photographs. They put a lot of time and effort to help you make relax and smile while shooting.


If you think, Your photographer is charging more, Please do consider these few reasons why photographers so expensive. We do more than push a button. We invested a lot of thousands on our equipment and we put a lot of effort and time to captures every moment. We have bills need to pay and remember IF YOU HIRE A PHOTOGRAPHER, YOU HIRE AN ARTIST.

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