Why You Should Never Edit The Photos You Receive?

Insta Filters, PicsArt, or any Filters app that you can download these days are so great. As a client, Do you put a filter on a photo from your Photographer? Did you know that in their contract stating that you must not edit the photographs they have given to you? 

If you’re not a photographer, you may be asking why this is such a big deal. It’s still the same photo, after all. Wrong!

In this article, let’s talk about why you should not edit photos from your Photographer?


Photographers work hard to perfect their photos using professional tools from their computer or using their mobile phones. They spent precious time and money to use the best editing tool and how to use it properly.

Photographers are stressing over the smallest detail in a photo, and they spend a lot of time to get the best colors in the picture and to look good.


One of the reasons is this can negatively impact the Photographer, and it misrepresents what they do. What if a client is looking at your edited photos from your Photographer?

Let’s say, for example, you upload it on social media with a filter. Maybe someone loves it, and they look good, especially the style and the quality. Now they ask you who the Photographer is. You name it because you think it’s good for them.

What will they think about it? Remember, Clients may book, depends on what they can see. What if you put something nasty in the photos? It gives a negative impression to your Photographer, and maybe it can create problems. Because you mention their name and business, and they expect what they do not do.

Lastly, Not everyone will like the same style of editing you may do.


Most of the time, Clients not read or ask about the contract or no contract provided. Also, they don’t understand the importance of not putting filters on the photos.

For Photographers, much better to have a contract.

To Clients, must read the contract and abide it.


Some photographers are annoyed when the client puts something on the photos or a filter. Please don’t do that, because they put a lot of effort into editing it. Please don’t wait for the Photographer to message you to remove the filter or take it down.

If something on the photos you want to remove or something you’d like to change. Please tell your Photographer.

If you don’t like the style, they use it to edit pictures. FIND A DIFFERENT PHOTOGRAPHER.


PHOTOGRAPHERS Do their best to achieve client satisfaction.

By applying some filter or putting something on it, you will destroy the artist’s finished piece. Photography is authentic, an art form. It is a language that uses visual elements instead of words; therefore, it is used for artistic purposes, just as any language.

Yes, For Photographer, it’s an art. please do not edit the photos that you paid for. It is insulting to change artist work.

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